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Elvy's Journey

The best way to reach Elvy is to make her phone ring!


Elvy has been using Medical Cannabis at her physician's direction for 40 years now! At first she was hesitant because of all the propaganda she was being exposed to at the time. For that reason, she began medicating with edibles in 1975. Due to the schedule I status of Cannabis Elvy quickly found herself fighting, for her right to use it medically.

Although, according to Elvy, her doctor told her flat out that she would go blind if she did not start smoking marijuana, in 1988 she was arrested. Following her release, Elvy went straight to the media. She had heard about Robert Randal, who was the first patient accepted to a federal program and like herself, had glaucoma. She was blessed to have an excellent attorney, Norman Kent, come forward to defend her Pro bono. They won the case based on medical necessity due to her Glaucoma.  Elvy was the first person to challenge the state of Florida's medical defense laws for Cannabis in 1988. It took another five years for the state to confirm it, but they did confirm it. In other words, Floridians already have medical Cannabis protection on the books. 

Elvy is currently the only woman still receiving her allotted 300 joints a month in the program. Of course, she still has to go pick them up, and nobody can carry them for her. It's a common misconception that she receives her metal tins filled with pre-rolled Cannabis cigarettes in the post. In reality, she picks up her medicine once a year from the Bascom Palmer Eye Institute at the University of Miami. She has been in the program for 27 years now. All 18 patients in the program and the 36 approved who never received their medicine due to Bush seniors termination of the program in 1992 had to jump through hoops. Patients were required to secure a government approved doctor who would keep reliable records regardless of government discouragement to do so. They had to prove to the FDA, DEA, and NIDA that Cannabis was the most reliable, safest, and most efficient medication to treat their ailments. 

Without even realizing it, Elvy became one of the most recognized activists for Cannabis in the nation. Elvy frequently participates in radio shows, videos, trials, conferences, and events. She is an honored speaker, traveling whenever she can to be present, wherever her voice is needed. 

In 1995 Elvy recorded & released her album, Truth and Love Are One, but the world wasn't quite ready to hear her message. Today with the quickening pace of legalization throughout the United States the songs ring truth and display her passion. Download your copy today on Google Play Music.